Sound Studies at Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury is a leading publisher of books and research for academics and practitioners, spanning a variety of fields in sound-related disciplines including sound studies, sound art, the anthropology of sound, soundscapes, sound technology, sound design, the philosophy of sound, music and sound, and more.

Some of the notable authors published by Bloomsbury include Salomé Voegelin, Brandon LaBelle, Michael Bull, Greg Hainge, Holger Schulze, David Toop, Cathy van Eck, Seth Kim-Cohen, Paul Hegarty and Marie Thompson, alongside many others. The full range of sound studies books and authors can be found on the Bloomsbury website.

New and upcoming highlights:

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art, edited by Sanne Krogh Groth and Holger Schulze (Feb 2020)
The Bloomsbury Handbook of the Anthropology of Sound, edited by Holger Schulze (late 2020)
The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sonic Methodologies, edited by Michael Bull and Marcel Cobussen (late 2020)

The Study of Sound series

Series Editor: Michael Bull
Each book in this series offers a concise look at a single concept within the field of sound studies, exploring a range of core issues, debates and objects from a range of different perspectives and in a multitude of contexts.

Other popular books:

Background Noise, Second Edition, Brandon Labelle
Between Air and Electricity, Cathy van Eck
Boring Formless Nonsense, eldritch Priest
Chaos Media, Stephen Kennedy
In the Blink of an Ear, Seth Kim-Cohen
Listening to Noise and Silence; Sonic Possible Worlds; The Political Possibility of Sound, Salomé Voegelin
Living Stereo, Paul Théberge, Kyle Devine and Tom Everrett
Low End Theory, Paul C. Jasen
Noise Matters, Greg Hainge
Noise Music, Paul Hegarty
Reverberations, edited by Michael Goddard, Benjamin Halligan and Paul Hegarty
Senses of Vibration, Shelley Trower
Sinister Resonance, David Toop
Sonic Rupture, Jordan Lacey
Sound, Music, Affect; Beyond Unwanted Sound, Marie Thompson
Sound Art Revisited, Alan Licht
The Sonic Persona; Sound Works; Sonic Fiction, Holger Schulze

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